Google’s new prediction API

I just learned of the new Prediction API by Google — in brief, you upload a training set with up to 1 million records and let Google’s engine build an algorithm trained on the data. Then, upload a new dataset for prediction, and Google will apply the learned algorithm to score those data. On the user’s side, this is a total blackbox since you have no idea what algorithms are used and which is chosen (probably an ensemble). The predictions can therefore be used for utility (accurate predictions). For researchers, this is a great tool for getting a predictive accuracy … Continue reading Google’s new prediction API

SAS On Demand Take 3: Success!

I am following up on two earlier posts regarding using SAS On Demand for Academics. The version of EM has been upgraded to 6.1, which means that I am now able to upload and reach non-SAS files on the SAS Server – hurray! The process is quite cumbersome, and I do thank my SAS programming memory from a decade ago. Here’s a description for those instructors who want to check it out (it took me quite a while to piece all the different parts and figure out the right code): Find the directory path for your course on the SAS … Continue reading SAS On Demand Take 3: Success!