Business analytics student projects a valuable ground for industry-academia ties

Since October 2012, I have taught multiple courses on data mining and on forecasting. Teams of students worked on projects spanning various industries, from retail to eCommerce to telecom. Each project presents a business problem or opportunity that is translated into a data mining or forecasting problem. Using real data, the team then executes the analytics solution, evaluates it and presents recommendations. A select set of project reports and presentations is available on my website (search for 2012 Nov and 2012 Dec projects). For projects this year, we used three datasets from regional sources (thanks to our industry partners Hansa … Continue reading Business analytics student projects a valuable ground for industry-academia ties

Got Data?!

The American Statistical Association’s store used to sell cool T-shirts with the old-time beggar-statistician question “Got Data?” Today it is much easier to find data, thanks to the Internet. Dozens of student teams taking my data mining course have been able to find data from various sources on the Internet for their team projects. Yet, I often receive queries from colleagues in search of data for their students’ projects. This is especially true for short courses, where students don’t have sufficient time to search and gather data (which is highly educational in itself!). One solution that I often offer is … Continue reading Got Data?!

Eight great projects

As the Fall semester just came to a close, another cohort of 36 MBAs completed the data mining course at the Smith School of Business. Students worked throughout the semester on real business problems with real data. From data collection, through exploration, and modeling. Projects ranged from more socially aware (Profiling the medically- insured vs. uninsured in the USA; Reverse-engineering student loan deference algorithms) to more $ aware (Customer retention at an online fitness company; Drivers of dividend decreases) . A few projects on real-estate and travel (Determinants of flight delays from Washington to Honolulu; Factors leading to a quick-sale … Continue reading Eight great projects