Resources for instructors of data mining courses in b-schools

With the increasing popularity of data mining courses being offered in business schools (at the MBA and undergraduate levels), a growing number of faculty are becoming involved. Instructors come from diverse backgrounds: statistics, information systems, machine learning, management science, marketing, and more. Since our textbook Data Mining for Business Intelligence has been out, I’ve received requests from many instructors to share materials, information, and other resources. At last, I have launched BZST Teaching, a forum for instructors teaching data mining in b-schools. The forum is open only to instructors and a host of materials and communication options are available. It … Continue reading Resources for instructors of data mining courses in b-schools

Webcast on Analytics in the Classroom

Tomorrow at 11:00 EST I will be giving a webcast describing several term projects by MBAs in my data mining class. Students have been working on real business projects in my class for 4 years now, with many of the projects leading to important insights to the companies who provided the data (in most cases the students’ workplaces). For each of several cases I will describe the business objective; we’ll look at the data via interactive visualization using Spotfire, and then examine some of the analyses and findings. The webcast is organized by Spotfire (now a division of TIBCO). We … Continue reading Webcast on Analytics in the Classroom