Another Treemap in NYT!

While we’re at it, this Saturday’s Business section of the New York Times featured the article Sifting data to Uncover Travel Deals. One of the websites mentioned ( actually uses a Treemap to display hotel points promotions. OK — full disclosure: this is my husband’s website and yes, I was involved… But hey — that’s the whole point of having an in-house statistician! Continue reading Another Treemap in NYT!

Visualizing hierarchical data

Today much data is gathered from the web. Data from websites often tend to be hierarchical in nature: For example, on Amazon we have categories (music, books, etc.), then within a category there are sub-categories (e.g, within Books: Business & Technology, Childrens’ books, etc.), and sometimes there are ever additional layers. Other examples are eBay, epinions, and almost any e-tailor. Even travel sites usually include some level of hierarchy. The standard plots and graphs such as bar charts, histograms, boxplots might be useful for visualizing a particular level of hierarchy, but not the “big picture”. The method of trellising is … Continue reading Visualizing hierarchical data